For the past 25 years, Beth and Bob Kennett have offered a farm vacation experience to guests from around the world on their beautiful valley farm in Rochester, Vermont. Liberty Hill Farm has provided lodging and meals to thousands of guests through the years. The family, Bob and Beth (parents); Tom (son) and Jen with children Tucker, Calvin, Amelia and Wyatt; and David (son) and his wife Asia and their daughter Ella, manage the 220-acre farm to produce milk and accommodate their guests. They milk 120 cows and raise 120 young dairy animals along with pigs, chickens and turkeys to educate their guests as well as supply food for the family on the farm. The cows are purebred Holsteins and the family has raised many award winners.

The Kennett family adjusts their schedule to suit the guests visiting. They milk from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. so the guests can observe the milking after breakfast and again after dinner. David is their “cow man”. Tom is their “crop man” and is in charge of growing the feed and feeding the cows. All family members help with haying season, driving tractors and throwing the hay bales to store them in the hayloft.

The farm is also Vermont’s first certified “Green” agritourism enterprise. They have installed various energy-efficient initiatives in the barn including a heat exchanger to heat hot water, and a variable frequency milking system that reduces energy consumption. In addition, they have worked on a number of environmental stewardship initiatives with stream bank restoration projects, erosion control, and land conservation. The guest business has qualified as a Green Hotel in Vermont and is a member of the national Green Hotel program. The Kennett Family allows snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, bird watching, and hiking on their land, and also provides tours of the farm and a farm vacation. The family owns land on both sides of the White River, which is a popular fishing river. The Green Mountain National Forest is adjacent to the farm, with an entire network of hiking trails, mountain biking trails.

For more information about Liberty Hill Farm, visit or visit Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

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