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More than 46 million Americans, including 12 million children, face hunger. That’s one in seven Americans. Across the country, and in your community, these families are missing out on the important nutrients found in milk. While milk is one of the top nutritious items requested by food bank clients, it’s rarely donated.

That’s why dairy farmers and the nation’s milk companies are partnering with Feeding America on The Great American Milk Drive, a national campaign to secure highly desired gallons of nutrient-rich milk for millions of hungry families. With a small donation, you can help get fresh, nutritious milk to families in need in your community.


Join Feeding America® and your local dairy farmers in support of The Great American Milk Drive today.

Here’s how you can help

Visit to donate today.

For every contribution of $5, one half-gallon of milk or more based on local markets will be secured and delivered by Feeding America® on behalf of its national network of food banks. Valid April 2, 2015 – April 1, 2016. ©2016 America’s Milk Companies®. 


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