April is known for rain showers (bringing May flowers, of course), springtime fun and Earth Day.


Earth Day was technically April 22, but in reality, every day dairy farmers plan for the future with the Earth in mind through their care for the land, air and water. This month, we highlight the creative ways farmers live and breathe the "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" mantra, so future generations can do the same. Enjoy!

Making Manure Count
Planting pansies in CowPots.
The Freunds, like their dairy farming neighbors, place a high value on cow manure as a way to nourish the soil that grows important crops, but they also go one step further. They use their cows' manure to make CowPots™. Invented by Matt Freund more than 15 years ago, the family continues to collect their cows' manure and process it to form biodegradable, plantable pots. Learn more about CowPots and how they can help your garden on our blog.

Earth Day is Every Day on a Farm

For many of New England's dairy farmers, Earth-friendly practices celebrated once a year on Earth Day are a year-round reality.


Methane digesters providing 'manure power,'...feeding the herd fiber-rich potato peels from the local potato chip plant...and using GPS tracking to collect data and keep track of crop yield - these are just a few examples of how New England dairy farmers use innovation, technology and common sense to 'green' their operations.


Read on to learn more about sustainability and dairy farming. 

The Other Side of Manure
Roberta Royer working with samples fresh from the farm.      

When you think of dairy farms, you probably think of cows. And when you think of cows, I bet manure comes to mind. But I bet you didn't know that it is someone's job to sample, smell and test that manure!  


Roberta Royer is a Forage Analysis Lab Technician and she spends her days analyzing cow manure to help nutritionists, dairy farmers and veterinarians understand their cows better and ensure they are getting the healthy and nutritious diet they need and deserve. Learn more about Roberta's unique job on our blog.

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