Meet the Must Be The Milk Team! Center Photo Pictured Left to Right: Kiley, Rene and Laura.

Must Be The Milk promotes our love for New England and New York dairy farms and farmers — simple as that. We think it’s time to talk about everything they do for us (sunrise to sunset), to keep our bodies healthy, our communities thriving and our land beautiful. The goals of the campaign are to

  • Educate people about dairy farming
  • Promote the purchase of milk and dairy foods
  • Raise funds for New England and New York’s dairy farmers

By learning more about local farms and buying dairy products across the region, we can show our gratitude to these unsung heroes and ensure local dairy farms continue to serve as the cornerstone of our communities for centuries to come. No matter how you enjoy dairy, it’s undeniably in the DNA of New England and New York. It is the backbone of our communities — supporting local economies and preserving the open spaces we know and love. Must Be The Milk is an initiative of New England Dairy Promotion Board. So, what makes New England and New York so special? Must Be The Milk!

We can’t do this good work alone! We also work with like-minded partners to promote the goodness of dairy and our dairy farmers. A great big thank you to our valuable partners and to you for learning more about Must Be The Milk!