Walter and Margaret Gladstone own the Newmont Farm in Fairlee, Vermont, and the name is a collaboration. Walter is originally from New York, hence the “New” part of the name; Margaret is from Vermont, hence the “mont.”

Newmont Farm is in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont. The Gladstones operate their farm with their five family members. The Gladstone family has implemented green production techniques and has diversified their farm operation to help the environment — as well as to provide additional income due to volatile milk prices. Their barn has open side walls to allow for natural ventilation. They have installed a plate cooler to cool the milk and a variable speed pump to provide vacuum during the milking process — all saving electricity. The Gladstone family also raises pumpkins for the fall on 160 acres and raises Morgan horses for pleasure riding.

Walt, his wife Margaret and their three sons moved from New York State in 1987. The farm consists of 1,500 tillable acres of land that is planted with corn and alfalfa. There are also 35 acres of pasture land. The farm milks 1,000 cows and raises 860 young dairy animals that are housed in free stall barns and milked in a milking parlor. A free stall barn allows the cows to move about freely with access to food, water and resting stalls while being protected from the weather. The cows are moved from the barn to the milking parlor to be milked and then are returned to the barn.

Walt and his sons work every day to manage the cows and the overall operation. Walt’s day begins at 4:00 a.m. with a check on animal health, checking in on the calves, meeting with the employees to plan the work day and working with the employees to complete the needed work load. Even with the day to day duties of operating a farm. Walt and Margaret take time to be active in their community, with Walt serving on the volunteer fire department and town government and Margaret serving on the school board for the past 6 years.

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