These Cows Have Spring Fever!
Just like us New Englanders, cows love the transition from winter to spring. The sunny skies, the warmer weather, the lush green grass - who wouldn't be excited?

The "Spring Fling" has become a tradition and a sight to behold at Hanson Dairy Farm in Brookfield, MA. The Hanson family welcomes their neighbors and community as the cows are let back out to pasture after the winter months.

Watch the "Spring Fling" HERE!
The Edible Skeleton: What's in Your Glass is Good for Your Bones!
What's filled with important nutrients and builds strong bones? Must Be The Milk!

May is National Osteoporosis Month. Get the 411 on bone health! 
The Power of Probiotics 

Normally, the kitchen isn't a place where you want to invite bacteria! 
But some bacteria are important for fermentation that creates delicious foods like cheese, yogurt, and kefir. 

WATCH  dietitian Heidi Harkopf, MS, RD talk about gut health and make homemade yogurt on WFSB Better Connecticut!

Learn more  about the power of probiotics.
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