Servings: Makes one serving (8 ounces milk per serving)
Skill Level: Easy
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Crowd-Pleasing Mint Cocoa


1 envelope (1/4 cup) – cocoa mix

1 cup – lowfat or fat free milk

1 teabag – mint tea

1/8 teaspoon – peppermint extract

(Optional) – colored sugar crystals

(Optional) – marshmallows


Whisk cocoa mix and milk together in a large microwave-safe mug.

Microwave at high power for 2 minutes or until steaming.

Add teabag and peppermint extract, and let steep 2 minutes.

Serve immediately.

Optional: Make multiples to please the crowd.

For extra pizzazz, place damp rim of glass into colored sugar crystals.Top with marshmallows!

Recipe and image provided the by Milk Life campaign, representing the nation’s milk companies. MilkLife

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